Heal Your Childhood Traumas
 Free Yourself from Fears & Past Pain!

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What Can You Gain By Signing To The Program?

Heal the root of your childhood trauma as well as any traumas that were brought on during adulthood 
Balance your mind, emotions, physical body and spirit by practicing these proven self-healing methods 
Connect to the universal energy that will give you the power to heal yourself and others
Address problems and illnesses by healing the underlying energy imbalance that's causing the disease...
Eliminate the stress and strain of modern life! By giving you inner power to handle any situations that life will throws your way 
Discover your life purpose by reconnecting to your Higher Self that will enable you to see a direction you should be heading with a new clarity 
Relief you from pain, sorrow, anxiety, panic attacks and negative emotions that constantly hang over you
Gives you a working system for healing yourself, your friends and your loved ones
Shows you how to practice energy healing from the comfort of your own home, at your own peace and also how to help and heal others
Gives you a real qualification and diploma
Prevent development of "new illness"
Heal the core of your trauma, and that of others

Introducing: "The Oediamond Academy" Home Study Course

Oediamond Academy takes you by the hand and leads you step-by-step through the process of learning how to use the power of Reiki to heal and balance yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually on a much higher level.
Oediamond Academy gives you the power to learn Reiki as it was intended and makes it easier to attain true levels of Reiki's power to heal. 
Many of you (including me) have had difficult traumatic events occur in our lives that have left you, emotionally or psychologically scarred. 
Reiki can definitely help! 
I speak from my own experience and experience of hundreds of my students..     
This program will help you to understand the world of energy.. 
How to apply it in your daily life.. when to use it.. how to practice.. 
You will be able to remove the energetic elements that are attached to your psyche; often removing the pain, anxiety and negative emotions these trauma left behind.... 
Reiki works in very special and magical ways that cannot be understood by logical mind..    
The best way is to find out for yourself!

   So now you may wonder....


Absolutely! Goes without doubt. The course will allow you to go at your own pace, will give you access to many downloadable resources so you can revise every time you need it. 

On the top you do not have to spend a few weekends away and pay hundreds of pounds to learn and practice Reiki. 

In this course you will have as much time as you need to absorb all the knowledge and when you are ready you will be attuned to Reiki. Also, at the end of the course you will receive a special and authentic Traditional Reiki certificate (pdf) with my signature. So you can use this beautiful certificate for display purposes. 

This will allow you to progress to the next Level - Reiki 2nd Degree where you will gain Professional Qualification and will be able to open up your own "soul based practice".


Are you the one working so hard & long hours? 

Are you a busy parent juggling a lot of tasks? 

Are you a practising healer looking for another way to grow, evolve & expand your healing practice? 

Or maybe you are completely new to energy healing? 

or maybe you are looking for an alternative that will help you in your own self-healing? 

Tired, stressed out, needing the change? or are you looking for ways to grow spiritually?


Regardless of your own situation, I created this course so everyone can learn, especially for those who don't have a lot of time to put towards meditation, self-reflection or cannot afford the course in person.

In this course, you'll learn how to identify the issues at hand, understand how they're related to blockages in the energy field that affects the physical body, and therefore internal organs. 

You will gain an in-depth understanding of the Reiki System and Universal Force Energy. 

Also, how to take care of your mind, body and soul using Energy Healing. 

Therefore you will be able to attract loving energy and abundance into your life!

You will be able to link certain emotions to the corresponding Chakras, organs and subtle bodies. 

You will gain the skills that will allow you to cleanse the Chakras and keep them in harmony & balance. 

You will understand and gain practical knowledge and skills on how to heal & help yourself and others to feel better!. 

You will gain knowledge about Aura and how to cleanse it very fast to prevent developing illness and so much more!

And the most important thing is that you will be able to heal your deep trauma that is stopping you from living the life you deserve!

What do I need from you?

Just an open mind and readiness to take your life to the next level.  

The Course Includes:

My Reiki Level 1 Manual
Over 2hrs of Video Lessons
My Full Body Treatment Hand Positions
Direct Email Support from Me, Izabela
Diploma for 1st Level
Bonus: The Three Simplest Ways of Healing Your Past Traumas
Bonus: 3 Exercises To Boost Your Energy
Reiki 1 Quiz
Some additional video resources 

What are the requirements or prerequisites for taking this course?

No experience needed, open to everyone who is seeking help and healing
Everyone who is interested in Energy World, alternative ways of healing  and holistic approach to life 
Internet Access
Be able to listen and watch video online (PC, tablet, Phone)
Be able to access and download PDF files
Be able to download and listen to MP4 File (.mp4)

Reiki Level 1

Focuses on Self-Healing
Personal Development  Sharing Reiki with Family and Friends
Become a Certified Usui and Tibetan Reiki Healer
Heal and Transform Yourself, Family, Friends and Pets with Energy Healing

What Will I learn?

What is Reiki
Reiki History
Reiki Principles
History of Lineage
Kanji Hand Positions
Reiki First Degree Attunement Explanation
Preparation for Reiki Attunement
Reiki 1 Attunement Ceremony
21 Days Cleansing Process
What Can You Experience During the Reiki Attunement?
The Chakra System in depth explanation of what the chakras are and how they link to our own wellbeing
The Subtle Bodies, Aura, Chakras & Physical Body
The Hui Yin
The Environment - How to set it up for your own healing & healing others
Energy Cleansing, Protection & Grounding Exercise
How to check, clear & balance the Chakras yourself?
Use of Reiki after 1st Degree Attunement
Self treatment & Hand Positions
How to conduct Reiki for Family & Friends
Quick energizer & sleep exercise
The Chakra & Aura Quiz
Bonus - Emotions of the Chakras
You will receive 4 Attunements
Unique & Authentic Usui Reiki Level 1 Diploma

Don't just take our word for it... read some of the feedback received from clients 
who have taken this course with Oediamond Academy

Our present life is the result of our past experiences and our perception of life through those experiences. 

Furthermore, our personalities are shaped by the influence other people have on us. Unfortunately, some events shape us in ways we cannot control.

Some of these occurrences such as childhood traumas can be really damaging and, if left untreated, could impact your life in many negative ways. 

Childhood trauma deploys various types of low-vibrational energies within your energetic fields, causing mental and emotional imbalances. 

In long term this will cause illness, unhappiness and place many limitations on your life. 

Fortunately, regardless of the circumstances, there are ways to address the situation harmoniously and peacefully...

I promise!

I have experienced many childhood traumas and abuses throughout my life and this technique literally saved my life and opened the door to a completely different reality...

The biggest benefits I have achieved by using this technique is that I have healed my deepest scars, went beyond the limitations of my own mind, freed myself from the pain and sorrow, found peace, true life purpose and the most IMPORTANT ...........

... I AM ALIVE ...  

What's more...?

Why don't you find out for yourself by clicking?

Rest Easy With My 30-Day, Money-back Guarantee

I want you to be completely delighted

Review all the Reiki revolutionary learning material inside the course...take your time...and put it to the test... Evaluate and assess its true value to YOU...

I think you will be COMPLETELY delighted by how easily you've learned Reiki...you'll feel completely confident in your ability to heal and transform your life, using what you've learned from Oediamond Academy.

If for any reason you aren't satisfied with your experience within 30 days I'll send ALL of your money back!

I want you to expand your horizons

If you don't think the discoveries and insights you have had about yourself through the expansion of your own awareness and consciousness from the teachings within The Oediamond Academy course have given you profound advantages moving forward in your life, then simply let me know in the next 30 days and I'll quickly refund your money.

And as my way of saying thank you for taking this step to improve your life...you can keep as my gift!

I want you to take your first step to a truly fulfilling life

As a Reiki master myself, I know that when you become a Reiki master yourself, you'll be aligning yourself with your true destiny as a universal healer!

This powerful training and healing become the "blueprint" of your life...a blueprint that gives you the inner strength and guidance you NEED to experience:

    A deeper understanding of yourself...
    The ability to heal yourself and others using Reiki...
    A happier and more fulfilled life...

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    Hi There...

    I was struggling like you are today. Trust me I feel you.
    The trauma, pain and the sorrow is real but can be healed...
    I can guide and help you on your recovery journey... 

    My name is Izabela Skarzyńska and I am fully certificated Reiki Master and Teacher, Chakradance Facilitator, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Author, Motivational Speaker, and the founder of Oediamond Academy.  

    You can find out more about my healing journey in my newly published book "The Magic of Healing Touch".

    I had been teaching Energy Healing techniques professionally for over four years. I'd taught hundreds of students to heal themselves and others...

    I hold regular training courses, seminaries, webinars, and classes in the energy healing methods, as well as other great techniques that I have learned through my personal and spiritual healing journey. 

    One of my biggest passions is dancing and always wanted to bring and connect energy healing with body movement therapy, so I became Chakradance Facilitator. 

     “Dancing is food for my soul, expression of my true essence and fuel for life”. 

    I have worked and still work with clients from Spain, Italy, France, Holland, Poland, Australia, UK and USA. 

    Much Love

    Izabela xx

    The Magic of Healing Touch is a must-have guide to self-healing and healing others with Reiki energy. This book tells you everything you need to know about Reiki step by step. It is great for anyone who wants to step on to that journey or those who are already attuned to Reiki I, II or III. 

    The book is very informative and contains a lot of practical exercises not only for people who are initiated to Reiki, but also for those who are seeking the tools to keep their health and life in balance. 

    The Magic of Healing Touch is the book that gathers the most important information about energy medicine, the chakra system, auras, physical body, pendulum work, self-healing, meditation, how to start and prepare yourself for the journey with Reiki, how to become a successful Practitioner and also how to become a Reiki Master/Teacher and deepen your spiritual growth. 

    Izabela Skarzyńska reveals all necessary and specific techniques that are suitable for everyone, not only for Reiki healers but also for those who are seeking to broaden and extend their spiritual practice. This book is a great, step by step tool that introduces you to a beautiful healing journey with Reiki.


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