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Become Certified Reiki Practitioner, start to heal others and turn your passion into income..

Imagine how you would feel, if you had the power to heal others, and see how their lives change?

Imagine how would you feel, if you had the ability to help others physically and emotionally, as you always dreamed you could?

Or perhaps, you can finally be healed on a much deeper level (cellular level), and overcome chronic pains, aches and problems that have worried you at times..

How would that make you feel...?, if you had appropriate skills to use the healing energy of the Universe to overcome ALL obstacles once and for all, and help your clients to do the same?

Can you imagine life FREE from PAIN, struggle, and stress that burdens you and others?


Imagine that you are in a place of your dreams, drinking coffee from your favourite mug, feeling soft, warm air around you.. An amazing feeling, right? and in that moment you connect with your client to send this powerful healing energy that will help to change his or her life for better...

Think of the value that you could give to your future clients... Feel how happy and grateful they are at that moment...

This is a wonderful feeling when you can give and receive back, when you have the right skills and abilities to share this beautiful gift with others across the globe..

There are no limits for healing energy, so you could work with people around the world after finishing this program...

Think of the energy that you will get back for delivering this value to your future clients... 

...This financial energy will allow you to make your dreams come true...

The GREATEST OPPORTUNITY...for life changing 

Grasp this opportunity now...

Standard Price : £249

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Make the right decision and bring your life and the lives of others to a higher level!

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What Can You Gain By Signing To The Program?

Get deeper, spiritual understanding of yourself and the world around you
You will be able to witness your client's shock and astonishment at the healing power of Reiki techniques...
You will be able to develop psychic abilities and increase your intuition as well as get a deep understanding of Reiki energy
You will discover your true path by reconnecting to your Higher Self that will enable you to see a direction you should be heading with a new clarity 
Enables you to "open up soul-based practice" and gain some fulfilling income
Connect to the universal energy that will give you the power to heal and help others
Address problems and illnesses by healing the underlying energy imbalance that's causing the disease...
Heal others from pain, sorrow, anxiety, panic attacks and negative emotions that constantly hang over you
Shows you how you can send healing energy to your clients from around the world and give you ability work at the comfort of your own home, at your own peace 
You will achieve a Practitioner qualification and diploma
Skills and ability to cleanse your own energetic field and field of others   
Regular practice can lead you to enlightenment...
You will gain valuable information of how to open and run your own "soul based practice"..
Flexibility of work and a lot of happiness..
Reiki will open new door for your personal and spiritual growth, bring you many opportunities and help to change your life and lives of others for better...
You will become a living example and inspiration for others...

Introducing: "The Oediamond Academy" Home Study Course

Oediamond Academy takes you by the hand and leads you step-by-step through the process of learning how to use the power of Reiki to heal and balance yourself and others physically, emotionally and spiritually on a much higher level. 

Oediamond Academy shows you how to turn your gifts into running "soul based practice" and make your dream come true.  

Oediamond Academy gives you the power to learn Reiki as it was intended and makes it easier to attain true levels of Reiki's power to heal. You will learn to tap into your own inner power, align your Chakras, cleanse your electromagnetic field called "Aura '' and use Reiki's healing for the good of yourself and others

Oediamond Academy introduces you to many ways and techniques that allow you to bring a REAL VALUE to people's lives. 


Learn how to harness Reiki, the Universal Life Force Energy to heal yourself, friends, family, pets, animals, objects, CLIENTS and even situations! 

Deepen your spiritual development. 

Heal your past lives and learn how to handle your future in more calmer and positive way

You'll learn how to take care of your mind, body, and soul; as well as attract loving energy and abundance into your life!


This course includes Reiki Level 2. Oediamond Academy course is self-paced and completely digital, which means you can go as slow or as quick as you like. 

The most important component here is to choose the path that feels right for you.

When you're ready, you'll be attuned via a distance Reiki Attunement Ceremony after which you will be able to use symbols and send distance healing to your FUTURE CLIENTS.

You'll be able to access your course handbook, written by Oediamond Academy: Reiki Level 2 Course Manual - Practitioner (in PDF), as well as the accompanying articles and exercises.


Oediamond Academy gives her students the best additional learning tools such as: Posters of Each Reiki Symbol (PDF), a 15 Minute Guided Meditation for all Charka's Cleansing (via MP3 download), Human Body Posters (PDF), Information's how to run your own Reiki Healing Practice, How to speak to clients and set up healthy boundaries, not to mention some links to other helpful resources, such YouTube videos. 

Oediamond's Academy comprehensive manual, workbook, videos and learning tools will ensure you have everything you need to become a Reiki Practitioner and also the tools to master your mind, body and soul and run your "soul-based practice".

Once you've completed the entire course, gone through all the lectures, practiced when prompted and received appropriate attunement, you will receive a beautiful Usui & Tibetan Reiki Level 2 Diploma (PDF) showing your Reiki lineage, too!

Some of the additional benefits of this course include being able to grow spiritually, improve your self-worth, heal and release your deep wounds that will bring you a FREEDOM to become who you really arebe more centred and calm in your everyday life, achieve and live at a higher level of energy, notice synchronicities and attract abundance into your life, become healthier and happier being.

Lastly, Oediamond Academy will continue to add more helpful information to this course over time - of which you'll have lifetime access to.

Oediamond Academy usually do one to one courses, however recently decided and opened to create an online, digital courses that will reach out to bigger audience, help and heal more beautiful souls and contribute to creating a better world for everyone to live in. 

What's more?

You will learn in your own pace
You will gain access to the materials and revise them as many times as you need
You will work in a peace of your own home
You will have a lifetime access to the course materials 
And when you are ready... You will contact Oediamond Academy to receive your Reiki Attunement and Diploma

The Course Includes:

My Reiki Level 2 Manual
My Reiki Symbols Flashcards
My 7 Major Chakras Flash Cards
Over 3 hrs Video Lessons
Bonus: My teaching of How to Dowse Pendulum
Direct Email Support from Me, Izabela Skarzynska
Diploma for 2nd Level - Practitioner Qualification
Bonus: E-book (How emotions affect our physical body and organs, where they are trapped and how to release them) 
Reiki 2 Quiz

What are the requirements or prerequisites for taking this course?

Prior Reiki Level 1
Internet Access
Be able to listen and watch video online (PC, tablet, Phone)
Be able to access and download PDF files
Be able to download and listen to MP4 File (.mp4)

Reiki Level 2

Become a Certificated Usui & Tibetan Reiki Practitioner
Heal Family, Friends, Clients & Pets
Send a Distant Healing
Transform Lives of Others
Open Up Your Own Practice Start Earning

What Will I Learn?

Introduction to Reiki 2nd Degree and Learning Reiki Symbols
Deepen your Spiritual Connection and Application of Reiki
How to share Reiki Energy across a Distance
Different techniques of Distant Healing Treatments
Scanning Yourself and Others
Beaming (with using Distant Symbol)
The Importance of Grounding, Cleansing and Protecting
What is Grounding and How to Ground Yourself
How to Protect Yourself Before and During Healing Others
How to Cleanse Your Aura Before, During and After Healing Others
Expanding & Opening Aura Exercise
How to Meditate with the Symbols
How to give a professional Reiki session using the Reiki Symbols
How to start your Reiki Practice - All you need to know to open up your business
How to talk to your Client and What to Charge
What needs to be included in Client's Confidential Form
When to refuse treatment and why
Dowsing Pendulum for the First Time
Chakra Balancing with Pendulum
21 Days Cleansing Process
You will receive 1 Attunement
Unique & Authentic Usui Reiki 2 Diploma (Practitioner Level) with the signature

Don't just take our word for it... read some of the feedback received from clients 
who have taken this course with Oediamond Academy

Rest Easy With My 30-Day, Money-back Guarantee

I want you to be completely delighted

Review all of the Reiki revolutionary learning material inside the course...take your time...and put it to the test... Evaluate and assess its true value to YOU...

I think you will be COMPLETELY delighted by how easily you've learned'll feel completely confident in your ability to heal and transform your life, using what you've learned from Oediamond Academy.

If for any reason you aren't satisfied with your experience within 30 days I'll send ALL of your money back!

I want you to expand your horizons

If you don't think the discoveries and insights you have had about yourself through the expansion of your own awareness and consciousness from the teachings within The Oediamond Academy course have given you profound advantages moving forward in your life, then simply let me know in the next 30 days and I'll quickly refund your money.

And as my way of saying thank you for taking this step to improve your can keep as my gift!

I want you to take your first step to a truly fulfilling life

As a Reiki master myself, I know that when you become a Reiki master yourself, you'll be aligning yourself with your true destiny as a universal healer!

This powerful training and healing become the "blueprint" of your life...a blueprint that gives you the inner strength and guidance you NEED to experience:

A deeper understanding of your own energy and energy of others..
Powerful ability to heal yourself and others using Reiki Energy 
A happier and more meaningful life..
Bring you a financial energy that you need to make your dreams come true...
Heal others from every place in the world with using Reiki Distant Healing Symbols  
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You can search FOREVER and never find half of what is on offer here TODAY, everything you need all in one place.

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