Spiritual Coaching is about developing a deeper connection to your True Self and to the higher force which surrounds you.

You may be just at the start of your spiritual journey and feel curious about exploring this side to yourself. 

Or you may already consider yourself to be very spiritual and have a regular practice. With Spiritual Coaching I meet you wherever you are. Because there is always something to learn and always an opportunity to keep evolving.  

How can Spiritual Mentoring support you?

Discover new ways to find joy, freedom, connection and meaning
Uncover deep blockages that are preventing you from moving forward
Access your own ability to heal (emotionally and physically)
Increase your self-worth and have more belief in yourself
Learn how to become a powerful attracting force for what you want
Create a deeper feeling of calm and trust in yourself and in life
Improve your relationships with others and the world at large
Develop a sense of wholeness and connection with your being

spiritual mentoring on-to-one programme

Length: 1.5 Month (6 Sessions)

Spiritual Mentoring can be experienced as a tailor-made one-to-one programme where we focus purely on your spiritual growth. This is often where I see the most profound and lasting transformation. Because life’s challenges can provide a springboard and the motivation to deepen our faith.   

So, when you come to mentoring with real life issues, it means we have a context and a richness to our sessions. This also gives you a way of measuring your progress in a meaningful way. Most importantly, we are not just dealing with theory and abstract ideas.

We are dealing with real life and grounding spiritual ideas into your everyday.

Are you ready to explore the One-To-One Spiritual Mentoring Programme? 

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Only when we open our hearts to receive we will be able to love and heal 

Izabela Skarzynska

It's never too late to make the changes you need to succeed & take your Health To The Next Level.


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